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  • Destination Osoyoos   Jo Knight

    “Suzanne – Thank you for a really valuable experience! I would be happy to be a ambassador for this workshop to any community who is thinking of doing a workshop! Suzanne your delivery was both skilful and masterful. We have a solid plan and goals to work towards.”

  • Tourism BC/Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation   Laura Plant

    “Suzanne delivered another governance workshop that was both relevant and valuable to participants.  She is able to tailor each session to the specific needs of participants and create an engaging and productive dialogue for all that results in a specific list of implementation priorities for the organization to pursue.”


  • Tourism BC/Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation   Heather Boyd

    “Suzanne brings a unique combination of strategic tourism planning skills and practical implementation experience.  No one wants another report that sits on a shelf.  Suzanne’s recommendations are always strategic but more importantly they are ready to implement, they recognize the realities of limited resources and they target maximum measurable returns.  Suzanne worked with the Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association to develop a strategic tourism marketing plan that identified target markets, and recommended unique competitive positioning and key messages to target audiences.  This important foundational work will serve the Association well for many years to come.”

  • Xeni Gwet’in First Nation   Nancy Oppermann

    “Suzanne brings a strategic and thoughtful approach to aboriginal cultural tourism that respects First Nation values and concerns about appropriate cultural sharing while still keeping clear focus on the nature of experiences that today’s travelers are seeking.  Her work with the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation has built a sound foundation for the growth of a sustainable tourism economy.”

  • Robertson Enterprise Consulting  Terry Robertson, BA, MBA

    “Suzanne provided exceptional guidance in understanding market trends related to aboriginal cultural tourism and the translation of these opportunities into a realistic plan to reinvent the Buffalo Luxton Museum in Banff.”

  • Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative   Frank Brown

    “Suzanne has been an invaluable resource in the development of our proposed sustainable tourism implementation framework.  We are looking forward to rolling out this framework together with her for the benefit of all Coastal First Nations in the Great Bear Initiative.”

  • Red Mountain Ventures, Rossland   Don Thompson

    “Suzanne’s work with Red Mountain Ventures created a strong foundation for destination marketing in support of both the Resort and our associated real estate development.  She engages well with stakeholders and the community at large and offers a unique combination of strategic thinking and practical implementation skills. It was a pleasure working with her.”

  • Red Mountain Ventures, Rossland   Don Thompson

    “Suzanne’s background in finance and economics as well as her designation as a Chartered Accountant compliment her knowledge and experience in the tourism industry and allow her to assess economic impacts associated with tourism development.  Suzanne was an important contributor to the project and provided important insights to both potential benefits and costs of the proposed golf course development.”

  • Cornerstone Planning Group   David Whetter

    “Suzanne’s strong financial and analytical skills compliment her knowledge of tourism markets and the experiences that visitors are seeking allowing her to accurately assess the feasibility of new tourism businesses and cultural facilities. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Suzanne again.”

  • South Coast/Mountains Regional Transportation Advisory Committee   Douglas Miller

    “Suzanne is an expert facilitator and was able to merge the many and disparate views on transportation in our region into a comprehensive and defensible set of transportation priorties for consideration by the Minister.”

  • Resort Municipality of Whistler   Eckhard Zeidler

    “Suzanne played a pivotal role in securing protection of designated areas for backcountry tourism and preservation of the wilderness experience that is fundamental to the region’s global brand and marketing efforts.  She is a relationship builder and expert negotiator.”