• Client:  Xeni Gwet’in First Nation

    Project: Best Practices in Tourism Land Management/Access

      Branding, Market Positioning and Key Messages

      Website development

      Lure Brochure

      Trade/consumer show booth design

    Cadence Strategies was engaged to reviewed best practices in tourism land management and access protocols around North America and share these lessons with the Xeni community.  Suzanne engaged with the Xeni community to establish broadly supported visitor protocol for those wishing to visit the Xeni Gwet’in Caretaker Area.  This protocol is now posted throughout the territory.


    Suzanne also undertake a branding and competitive positioning review for the world class tourism experiences found in the Xeni Gwet’in Caretaker Area that included competitive benchmarking and the development of key market messages.  This branding and positioning was translated into the development of a new umbrella identity for all future tourism initiatives.


    Suzanne’s most recent work with the Xeni Gwet’in included development of a media kit for visiting journalists including suggested storylines; development of web content; design of a new lure brochure and design/purchase of a trade/consumer show booth.



    “Suzanne brings a strategic and thoughtful approach to aboriginal cultural tourism that respects First Nation values and concerns about appropriate cultural sharing while still keeping clear focus on the nature of experiences that today’s travelers are seeking.  Her work with the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation has built a sound foundation for the growth of a sustainable tourism economy.”


    Nancy Oppermann

    Project Manager

    Xeni Gwet’in First Nation




  • Client:  Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council

    Project: Tourism Opportunities Study – Nuxalk/Mackenize Grease Trail

    Suzanne Denbak was engaged to review the tourism opportunities available to First Nations communities with territories along the historic Nuxalk/Mackenzie Grease Trail from Bella Coola to Quesnel.  Six communities were engaged in a facilitated discussion and their opportunities and concerns with tourism development identified (Nuxalk Nation, Ulkatcho, Lhtako Dené Nation, Lhoosk’uz Dene Government, Nazko First Nation, Lheidli Tenneh First Nation).  Market research was examined and highest opportunity target markets and their experiential needs identified.  Product development opportunities were assessed given the unique cultural and natural offerings available and potential tourism product itineraries developed.  A tourism marketing strategy and implementation considerations were also included in the final tourism opportunities study.

  • Client:  Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative

    Project: Sustainable Tourism Implementation Framework

    Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative have over the past ten years secured rights to tourism tenures in their traditional territories through the Reconciliation Protocol Agreement with the Province of British Columbia.  Cadence Strategies is working together with Coastal First Nations participating in the Great Bear Initiative to develop a proposed sustainable tourism implementation framework to secure benefits on the ground from these successful political negotiations.  The Great Bear Initiative includes representatives of Wuikinuxv Nation, Heiltsuk Nation, Nuxalk Nation, Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation, Gitga’at First Nation, Haisla, Metlakatla First Nation, Old Massett Village Council, Skidegate Band Council, Council of the Haida Nation.  The sustainable tourism implementation framework includes a community engagement process and an assessment of community willingness/ readiness to participate in the tourism economy, market demand for Coastal First Nations tourism experiences, extensive capacity building programs and business support for the launch of new aboriginal tourism ventures.  Branding and marketing strategies for existing and new aboriginal cultural tourism experiences are also included in the framework.



    “Suzanne has been an invaluable resource in the development of our proposed sustainable tourism implementation framework.  We are looking forward to rolling out this framework together with her for the benefit of all Coastal First Nations in the Great Bear Initiative.”


    Frank Brown

    Director of Land and Marine Stewardship

    Coastal First Nations/Great Bear Initiative


  • Client:  Province of British Columbia

    Project: Best Practices Guide for Resort Development and Operation

    Suzanne participated on a multi-disciplinary team to create a best practices guide for resort development and operation in British Columbia.  Suzanne assessed opportunities to pursue sustainable tourism development, the role of destination marketing organizations, associated governance and funding best practices and marketing/sales strategies to grow tourism revenues.

  • Client:  Red Mountain Ventures

    Project: Best Practices in Destination Marketing/Establishment of a Mountain Resort Association

    Suzanne was engaged by Red Mountain Ventures to assess opportunities to create a sustainable destination marketing model as part of the development of real estate lands at the base of Red Resort in Rossland, BC.  Her research included a review of best practices in resort/destination marketing and recommendations to establish a Mountain Resort Association to be registered on title of new developments.  Suzanne drafted the proposed bylaws of the Association and engaged extensively with the community of Rossland and neighbouring real estate developers to build support for the proposed model.  The Red Resort Association has been successfully established and is now a funding partner for destination marketing with Tourism Rossland.



    “Suzanne’s work with Red Mountain Ventures created a strong foundation for destination marketing in support of both the Resort and our associated real estate development.  She engages well with stakeholders and the community at large and offers a unique combination of strategic thinking and practical implementation skills. It was a pleasure working with her.”


    Mr. Don Thompson

    Vice President

    Red Mountain Ventures


  • Client:  Red Mountain Ventures

    Project: Economic impact of proposed gold course development

    Suzanne was engaged as part of a multi-disciplinary team to assess the impact of a proposed golf course development at the base of Red Mountain.  Her contribution to the project included a review of estimated incremental tourism impacts associated with destination golfers including impacts on hotel occupancy and room rate.  She further assessed the implications of the development on Municipal finances includes estimates of incremental property taxes and incremental costs associated with roads, parks and other amenities.



    “Suzanne’s background in finance and economics as well as her designation as a Chartered Accountant compliment her knowledge and experience in the tourism industry and allow her to assess economic impacts associated with tourism development.  Suzanne was an important contributor to the project and provided important insights to both potential benefits and costs of the proposed golf course development.”


    Mr. Don Thompson

    Vice President

    Red Mountain Ventures


  • Client: South Coast/Mountains Regional Transportation Advisory Group

    Project: Stakeholder Recommendations to the Minister of Transportation – 2005, 2007 and 2008

    Suzanne was asked to coordinate and facilitate workshops to develop and prioritize regional transportation recommendations for the Minister of Transportation as part of the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee process in the Province of British Columbia.   Suzanne organized the logistics and facilitated stakeholder workshops beginning in 2005.  She was asked to facilitate workshops again in 2007 and 2008.  In addition to facilitating the input sessions, she was responsible for summarizing findings and working together with the appointed Committee members to prioritize and report to the Minister a comprehensive set of recommendations for the South Coast/Mountains region.



    “Suzanne is an expert facilitator and was able to merge the many and disparate views on transportation in our region into a comprehensive and defensible set of transportation priorties for consideration by the Minister.”


    Mr. Douglas Miller

    Chair, (2005-2009)

    South Coast/Mountains Regional Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Client:  Resort Municipality of Whistler/Tourism Vancouver

    Project: Tourism Representative in Land Use Negotiations - Sea to Sky Land Resource Management Plan (LRMP)

    For four years (2003-2007), Suzanne sat as the tourism representative on the Sea to Sky Land Resource Management planning process leading interest based negotiations related to land use on behalf of tourism interests in the corridor.  Areas of controversy requiring resolution included permitted industrial uses and their impact on tourism experiences being offered including impacts on global brand impression.  As well, within the tourism industry itself, conflict between motorized and non-motorized users in both summer and winter required resolution and Suzanne participated in these intra-sector discussions.  Suzanne’s leadership and partnership with other sector representatives supported the direction taken in the Squamish Nation Land Use Plan and served to enshrine tourism priorities in land use planning in the region.



    “Suzanne played a pivotal role in securing protection of designated areas for backcountry tourism and preservation of the wilderness experience that is fundamental to the region’s global brand and marketing efforts.  She is a relationship builder and expert negotiator.”


    Eckhard Zeidler

    Former Councillor

    Resort Municipality of Whistler