Suzanne’s projects focus on developing and implementing market-driven, community supported strategies for sustainable tourism with the objective of long-term economic, social and cultural benefits to destinations, communities and entrepreneurs while protecting their natural environment.


Suzanne is practical and realistic.  Her focus is always on your objectives and delivering results – the report is not the project – your success is. Expert at maximizing returns with limited resources, Suzanne provides hands-on market research, tourism product assessment, product/market matching, business feasibility and implementation support.  Your project will be managed personally by her and never delegated to junior staff.


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Suzanne begins by helping you clearly define your objectives – knowing what you want to achieve provides a touchstone for decision making.


Success is rarely achieved in isolation – identifying and engaging with partners, stakeholders and others is often an important next step. Suzanne facilitates these relationships and assists in bridging any conflicts.


Market research must inform all strategy development. Suzanne brings a wealth of market specific knowledge to the discussion table to ensure resources will be well spent.


Next, an objective assessment of your current reality is in order – does your experience meet the market’s requirements? What is your unique selling proposition? Are you positioned to maximize your unique competitive advantage? Are your current marketing and sales efforts delivering the returns they should?  Suzanne provides an important reality check on your current efforts.


Where to from here?  Establishing a vision and identifying strategies and tactics within the limits of available resources are essential steps to success. 


Every project plan is customized to your unique circumstances and reviewed with you before project commencement.


Destination Marketing/Management Organizations


Suzanne has assisted DMO’s throughout North America to improve their performance and communicate the results of their efforts to their stakeholders.  As a former CEO of a DMO herself, she brings practical knowledge of the internal and external challenges DMO’s face and how best to achieve and communicate returns to stakeholders.